Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to install Remittance Linker?

    Remittance Linker is, and will always be, completely free!

  • How do I sign my vendors up?

    We’ll walk you through the whole process step-by-step with our 4-step wizard once you connect Remittance Linker. As soon as your vendors are set up, they’ll start to receive remittance information for the bills you pay.

  • Does FISPAN store my company’s QuickBooks Online data?

    Linker uses and stores QuickBooks data about vendors, and bill payments in order to provide detailed remittance information to your vendors.

  • Is Remittance Linker available on other systems?

    Remittance Linker is only available on QuickBooks Online today, but look out for us on other systems soon. Feel free to let us know what system you’d like to see us on here.

  • How do I cancel?

    You can cancel your Linker account at any time. Simply click the “Disconnect” button from within your account. You will be unsubscribed from the service and will receive a cancellation confirmation email.

  • I’m interested in FISPAN’s other services. Who do I talk to?

    Please fill out this contact form and we a FISPAN representative will be in touch shortly.